Saturday, 15 October 2011

Oh, the Dreaded Packing

It is kind of funny that before I was married I moved sixteen times and now after fifteen years of marriage we are onto move number eighteen. I am hoping that with buying this house that this will be the end of my moving career. With all those moves you figure a person would be really good at packing. The problem is that the packing process evolves with the growth of your family. When I was a kid, no problem, mom did it. :0) As a teenager, I didn't have much and when I ventured out on my own the first time I think I had a suitcase and a box. When you get married you have to start hauling all that kitchen stuff around. You know what I am talking about, the 18 casserole dishes everyone gave you as a wedding gift. Then comes all the baby gear, then the toys and bikes. Then, you get the independant teenager that likes to pack for themselves. This is great, at first, you think of all the time you will save. Until you go down to the basement and see the chaos that has ensued. I have spent the last 2 days repacking alot of what has been packed already. But, when you think of the experience your kids are getting it makes it all worth it. Someday they will be in my shoes and I hope that they will not have to move as often as me but at least they will have learned how to pack. I also hope that they are as blessed as I am to stress about if it will all fit in the moving truck. This is one of the first moves that we haven't moved because we ran out of work and had to have a garage sale to fit everything in a little trailer. I am going to think of how richly I have been blessed the past year and a half and not focus on how much there is to pack. At least this time I get to bring it all with me. Even if it takes two trips! Five days and counting.

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