Thursday, 13 October 2011

Well, here we go! Welcome to my world.

Welcome! I am new to blogging so please bear with me. I have decided to start this blog because my husband of 15 years and I have just purchased our first home. We are very excited and very overwhelmed at the same time. We see the potential this house can have.It is a large house on an acreage (10 acres). The house is incomplete. It is framed. It has some drywall and insulation. It has a heat source or two. It has electricity and plumbing. Well, almost plumbed. The lines are all there but the previous owner cut them when he left the property a couple of years ago. The house was built over a couple of years with lots of TLC. The previous owner is from the east coast and he built it to withstand a hurricane! The house hasn't been lived in for a couple of years and was filled with a LOT of their possessions. I know it is a silly thing to be scared of when you consider everything around you in the country that a city girl could be scared of but, I am worried about how many mice have made that place home. The mice I am going to have to give eviction notices to. My poor kids are going to think they live in a plastic house for all the bins I have everything in right now.
This blog is so we can look back someday and realize what we have accomplished. It is a huge project that we have taken upon ourselves. Some people will think we are insane. Some people will wonder how we could do it. We are wondering that ourselves. What we do know is that this opportunity is a HUGE blessing and we know that all things are possible if you take one day at a time and don't sweat the small stuff. We will tackle one project at a time and post pics as we progress so we will always be able to see how successful we are. Ready or Not our adventure starts Thursday, October 20th, 2011.

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